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SLB Consulting creates your peer-to-peer fundraising experience. We use your resources, your incredible cause, and your passion to implement the next big thing for your organization.

SLB Consulting brings experience and special knowledge into your environment. Mix that with what you already do well and the result will be better than a chocolate-peanut butter milkshake on a summer day.

SLB Consulting is your #1 fan! When you do well, we do well. When you succeed, we succeed. We love being part of a Team, pick us for yours.

At SLB Consulting we take your cause very seriously. We strive to make your peer-to-peer fundraising program known nationwide, raise more money for your cause, and give your participants the best experience ever.


SLB Consulting will work with your resources to guide your non-profit’s peer-to-peer program into a successful future.

Areas of Expertise:
Programmatic Audits
Lead Generation and Acquisition
Revenue Generation


We will guide you in branding and marketing your unforgettable experience, your opportunity to make a difference, your ability to change lives.

Areas of Expertise:
Grassroots Marketing
Digital Marketing
Paid Marketing Opportunities


We’ll prepare your staff to knock the socks off of your participant experience

Areas of Expertise:
Exceptional Customer Service
“Personal Best” Fundraising
Creating a rock star, fabulous event weekend


SLB Consulting welcomes the opportunity to share our passion at your next conference, corporate meeting, or group gathering.

Areas of Expertise:
Non-profit fundraising
Cause marketing
Sponsorships and Corporate Teams
Personal branding and storytelling


We teach and motivate non-profit professionals in an interactive environment that will engage and inspire your staff.



President & CEO

Staci wants to live in a world filled with passionate people who love running, yoga, hiking, working out, live a healthy lifestyle mentally and physically and give back to the community to share all love and sparkle.

Staci has more than 22 years of experience, she’s worked for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s, Team In Training, The Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, Team Challenge and the American Cancer Society, DetermiNation programs. She wanted to share her passion and experience to everyone from all she learned in the charity endurance space. Since 2012 Staci created her own business, SLB Consulting where she works with multiple charities and races on working with ambassador, corporate team and charity programs. Staci loves connecting with people and building community.

When she’s not writing cards, cheering for the Alabama Crimson Tide, working with race and charity partners, or down a rabbit hole on Instagram you can find her dreaming of entertaining for her ultimate dinner party. Her guest list would include Nick Saban, Joan Rivers, Rachel Zoe, Reese Witherspoon, Howard Stern and Jeff Bridges (as the Dude from the Big Lebowski). She does not have a dog due to her travel schedule with her husband Jeff but loves to dog sit. When she does get a dog, she will name her Suanna Betsy.


Senior Consulting Manager

Carly is a non-profit management professional specializing in the building and implementation of successful peer-to-peer fundraising programs. Throughout her 15-year career, she has worked for a variety of charity endurance programs of all sizes from the local to national level. Carly has been essential in the strategy and growth of some of the nation’s top endurance programs, including Team In Training and Team Challenge and worked at other non profits such as Back on My Feet and Operation Homefront.

Carly is a dedicated professional who excels in project management, on-line fundraising, and customer success. Her staff and client management skills show her passion for the non-profit market and the missions she works with.

What is Carly’s superpower:
Music-related Memory. Carly can remember almost anything if it’s set to music. Test her out sometime, her favorite categories are Broadway musicals and Rock ’n’ Roll.


Fundraising and Team Management Consultant

Stacey is a fundraising and team management consultant. She is a 7 1/2 year veteran of the endurance fundraising space who has worked along the spectrum on endurance charity ranging from participant to on the ground staff, to manager, to consultant, now guiding organizations both large and small to not only hit but surpass goals and create a life changing experience along the way.

What makes Stacey Unique:
She wrote a book and for the first two weeks post release, it was on Amazon’s “Hot new Jewish release” list.


Marketing Consultant

With 14 years of marketing experience, Megan is adept at developing, executing and managing multi-channel marketing plans. From concepting the brand, design and messaging to creating buzz worthy guerrilla marketing tactics, she has successfully accelerated sales and brand awareness in highly competitive markets. At her tenure at Competitor Group, Megan was VP of Advertising, Marketing Director and launched the Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Marathon & 1/2 Marathon.

Megan the Adventurer:
Megan got lost in the woods, had a stand-off with a bear and eventually found her campsite 20 miles later when she was 16. Still one of the best days of her life.


Creative Director

Joel has a solid graphic arts background with design history in the endurance sporting event industry. He brings well thought-out creative direction to branded campaigns and executes consistency through all design materials, giving the message a strong foundation. Joel works with the team to ensure each client is provided with the proper graphic material and art packages inorder to make a meaningful impact, as the brand comes to life.

Joel has been the Senior Graphic Designer at Competitor Group for over 11 years, working to develop the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series®, and TriRock Triathlon Series® endurance brands, into new markets both domestically and Internationally.

If Joel was to be an animal:
A Penguin! Penguin’s are very resilient and defy the odds, not only can they fly underwater, they can survive the most treacherous elements on earth making it look easy and still have a smile on their face at the end of the day.


Visit some of our valued current and past clients and see how they are making the world a better place to be a part of one day at a time.



We know how important it is that your staff has the tools, motivation and energy to be set up for success. At SLB, our staff has been around the block a few times and know best practices to help take your program to the next level. Here are some of our favorite topics:

Show Me the Money
How to implement and manage a budget and always know your numbers. We like to empower staff to be the “President and Business Owner of their Event”

What’s Your Story
We help staff learn to speak and sell the mission with their personal story in their own words. Our goal is to make each staff person a Brand Ambassador for your mission so they know to always be selling the brand of your cause.

Get to Your Personal Fundraising Best
We excel in working with staff on how to be the ultimate “Fundraising Coach”. Our goals is have each participant in your program hit their Personal Best.

Zero to Hero
We can work with you and your staff to help build out an endurance charity program from start to finish. Our goal is to build a solid base so that you can continue to attract new donors, volunteers and revenue.

Tears and Cheers
We really like to inspire and motivate staff to have fun with their job so they can be more effective fundraisers for your mission and recruit new volunteers and donors at the same time. Our goal is to teach you how to be inspirational, spirited and mission focused.

One and Done
At SLB we can come to your organization and focus on one day workshops where you and your team will receive help with strategic planning to creating the ultimate Corporate Information Meeting experience. We love to look at each organization individually and give you what works best for your organization. One size doesn’t fit all.


We love to create, motivate and innovate when it comes to speaking with your staff, board and volunteers. We love to share our story, experiences and help your mission get to the next level. Our goal is to make people believe that they can make an impact and be the ultimate Life Changer.


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